Happy New Years Eve!

Today is the last day of 2014! Remember the good times, the old site (for the old timers like me he he), the last two origami yoda books, the Darth paper episode, me bieng a writer, The third part of the origami Yoda wiki revolution! And much more! Like all the music stuff and the sites anniversary and a VERY BIG PROJECT coming in 2015. So good bye 2014 we shall miss you. And hello to sweet new 2015 the year presidential primary’s start!



Happy New Years Eve!!!

SF Grant

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New Topic: Wierd Instruments!

Hello Grant here today’s topic will be ….. Weird instruments! But not in general because there is an instrument that uses a dead raccoon as an air sad and the viola de gam as strings are made of livestock intestines! But it’s more specific because you can only name one in your school. For example in me and Stephan’s band class there is a contrabassoon! I bet you don’t even know what a normal bassoon is! The winner will win a prize of some sort. Now OBVIOUSLY some people will lie but honest people stay honest. Post on the comments a weird instrument in your band class!