Minecraft 1.8 Pre Release New doctor outfit and updates

In minecraft 1.8 there will be slime blocks to bounce on, better mob AI, normal and polished Granite, diorite, and andesite, More villager types, enchantments cost lapis lazuli (originally Gold) and cost less, locked chests, locked difficulty, better skin changing, villager offers less random, a hand full of new commands, better use of command blocks and much, much, much more!

and the twelfth doctor outfit has been realsed

and after this its no longer sf grant from the wiki and i will think of something to replace it

and darthshreder must forfill the site punishment system im sorry moochael i can’t.

Over and out


Sorry there have been no posts… This week has been crazy… I had tons of homework, a project due, and an Eu story to start! I also had many activities afterwards, there won’t be some posts in e future, because I’m gonna see STOMP tomorrow, but I promise there will be some soon! 


Guys, so I was emailing zod once, and we were going to make a science experiment on origamiyoda.com about comments. Basically, we WERE going to make posts on the same day, and zod won’t do lots of work on his ( not good origami) and we will see who gets more comments… I think I need someone else now ( maybe Tyler) because I got mad when I saw jessenias crayon thing had 24 comments. The only reason she probably has that is because of her fame, by max_ rebo liking her. The only reason she has that many comments is because of her fame…


what do you think?

3 d Dalek Instrux! (For whovians) HAPPY VALENTINES DAY


3 d Dalek Instrux! (For whovians) HAPPY VALENTINES DAY

I know dalek instrux didn’t win, but I started when Dalek WAS winning, so I was too lazy to change… EDIT: whoa, it actually did win… Never mind
Here is the typed up instrux if you can’t read my dumb handwriting:

Also please ignore typos, spell check can be a butt, and iPad is hard to type with

1. 1 full piece of rectangle paper
2. Fold up bottom like so (about a centimeter to an inch)
3. Make lots of pleats on the dotted lines ( on the side of the step, it says up and down, to show what type of pleats )
4. Result
5. Make circles with the pleats by squashing the sides
6. Make weak creases along the paper so it can become a tube
7. Make tube, and stuff the end of the tube into the pocket from step 2, tape/ glue it on. Cut a hole in the head to fit a tube of your size (the eye)
8. Accessories time! Get ready to tape or glue! ( I had to cram this because my iPad can only post one pic) get 3 cut pieces of rectangle paper ( your size choice) fold like so: (fold top down [again, your size choice ] and bottom up). To fold laser did the same thing you did with the tube, and twist the top, so it looks like so (probably can’t see it, just do the same thing as my eye instrux.). Suction cup is the same, but you twist the middle, to form a cup. For the eye, you just do the tube, and stick it in the hole,in the forehead from step 7.
If you read this all, grats, if you just skipped to the end, go back and read it cheater 😑!!!!!

Thanks for folding!

Valentines Day Instrux!

Okay guys, Valentines day is coming up, and I love you guys! So I am deciding to make instrux for you!!!! If you havent seen the post below, to all Sfs make sure you do. Okay, so you guys can vote for what you want, I will include the most asked instrux in the poll, but for other you must put your choice in comments…

PS: I know the polldaddy is a weird thing, but I thought since valentines day is coming up, i should make it red, this is the only red one… Kinda weird, because the poll has weapons on it… XD :mrgreen:

To: All Sf’s

Okay, grant. I am really mad. I want this site, and origamiyoda back to what it was. Everyone is welcome. I want you to un blacklist darthshreder. I will do anything to let him back in. I’m sorry grant, but I can’t trust you as much anymore. i am friends with darthshreder, and I want him back. I know Stephan doesn’t like me, and will be mad if he sees this… But I want darthshreder back. I will do anything to. Origamiyoda blogd have turned into battle grounds especially this conflict. Please un blacklist him… If Stephan gets mad, and un authors me or black lists me, i will be mad, but will move on. Stephan and grant, you are both my friends, but I don’t like how this site is working. If you want me to be off staff, it’s your choice, but I won’t stop until he is unblacklisted. Thank you


~Moochael, a friend, a companion, and a helper