There is another…

MUST be known!!! *sniff, bye zod and firk*

Super Folder Tyler's Origami!

Yoda: There is another, Superfolder who has left the order.

This is just depressing. Firk left yesterday (see previous post) and today, Zod confirmed that he is leaving. Two of the most incredible and well known folders in the entire history of origami, gone. To tell the truth, I’m not sure what to do now. I briefly thought about leaving myself, but I will at least see the Encyclogami Project through. You’re not rid of me yet. 🙂 Image

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Dalek!!!!!!! EXTERMINATE


Dalek!!!!!!! EXTERMINATE

Ok, I just want to say Sorry for the lack of posts lately. The thing is that, right now I’m more interested in origami, not doodle gami 😞…. So I had to satisfy myself with this…,sorry for the red above his eye, i was bleeding, and got blood on it… Now, this is slight kirigami… I cut a hole in the head to put the eye in. The body and the other parts have the same mechanism in them, just smaller though. I hope you enjoy! I’m glad on how it turned out! Moochael, out.

I am Back

i have been Very<very, very, very, very, very, busy with

1. Swimming

2. School

3. Advanced/enrichment assignments

4. Chess (i am in a tournement)

5. wondering if the new doctor is any good

6. fighting the master


so as you can tell i am very busy sorry that i have not been keeping up but if you want i will leave someone in charge either moochael or Stephan tell me in the comments below please. and no disrespecting Stephan!


The Sand Crawler Project!

So basically, so far you guys have been saying I need to post more… I agree i’ve been REALLY lazy, and/or busy lately. I saw tyler made the encyclopedia project, so Im making the Sand Crawler Project! What this is, is that I will try to make 15-30 droids, every couple of days, to form ONE AND ALL MIGHTY SAND CRAWLER!!!!! and Once Im done, I will make a showcase of all of them, being shot by jawas, and sold :P. Cant wait to get started!

HAPPY (late :( ) NEW YEAR!!!!


I hope you like! Sorry for the lateness