Happy halloween!

today is halloween! Have a great day!


Jedi Starfighter Instrux

IMG_2397IMG_2399it is NOT complicated… I said that at the bottom because some people aren’t great at origami… and I wanted to encourage them :P… ANyway, ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMG_2400it should look sorta like this… I have a deluxe version… but I forget how to make it…

Crangrats to SF Stephan!

SF Stephan is our new Webmaster! There is still one spot open on this site and that is assistant origami folder if you want the job tell me your website and I will check out your origami if you don’t have a site but you posted origami on toms site tell me your SF Name and I will check it out.And once again congrats to SF Stephan! He also sent me a drawing! With his puppet Foldy Wan!  image

Asajj Ventress!

Asajj Ventressit is based off of the picture in the “Jabba the puppet”. It is jen’s puppet. the reason i didn’t color those things on the side is cuz i honestly dont know what it is… ALL ORIGAMI NO KIRIGAMI!!!! well, besides the weird things on her shoulders…