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I like the origami yoda books and I administrate ultra folderorigami.wordpress.com

Apply to be staff! Staff Update!

i know a lot of people want to be staff i have 1-3 open spots so if you wish to apply email grant at Grantthetimelord@gmail.com I hope you make staff! I am looking forward to all the new staff! 🙂 🙂  <[:-{ )


to moochael only

This is only for moochael no other commenters besides me moochael and sf grant. You HAVE to come back grant is VERY mad at you and so am I I have permission to dismiss you from grant and he says now I am the head of the site   and moochael I hope you realize creating your own site you destroyed this one please post I am begging you and what don’t you get about me and grant are VERY busy


Over and out

SF Stephan


I have come up with a new contest for minecraft and doctor who if you are staff post it if not email me it ( staff I appreciate you emailing me) so what you do is next week on Friday the origam is due and me and Grant will chose the winners winner gets a prize and adminship (probably editor) and it CAN be drawn, kirigami or origami or made of other materiels HOW EVER there are several ways to be dq ed like plagiarism or lying so hope you have a good day


sf Stephan


It has come to me that ever sines grant left people have well let’s say been trashing me. As a few of you may no me and Grant have no interest in making those puppets, this site is for others. But puting it in the staffs trust was a mistake. So I am getting rid of 1 staff member I already got rid of 1. It is very rude to insult the head of this site. You don’t have to like me but being public about it is unexeptable and will result in either

* means time served varies

1. Comment moderation


3. Blacklisting*

4.  Marked spam forever


so be very carful what you say on this site and on others and vote who you think should be removed.

Stop Complaining!

i am tired of everyone complaining! Please stop it is very, very, very, very annoying! It is up to me and grant to decide how much staff there is.

Grants Note: I am getting rid of two staff you can choose i dont care you can vote yourself or anoter person it is your decision.

Back to Stephan: So Moochael and Stooky Lukey please stop complaining about the staff


hello Its me the webmaster SF Stephan here sorry i have made no posts till now you might wonder why? well Grant hired me to be a anti spam volunteer not to make origami but i promise every once in a blue moon i will make a post on this site.