Hondo Ohnaka

Hondo Ohnaka Hondo Ohnaka w: GlassesHondo with removable glasses!!! I hope you like :D!!!! Also, Hondo, might have something to do with my christmas special 😀 (maybe tomorrow it will be uploaded, and I am taking luke’s suggestion of santa yoda, and that will be posted on the 24th ). Hondo will be, because he has semi-green armor on his RED coat. Kinda like christmas… may the folds be with you…


Daneboe/Annoying orange jokes

1. Potato 1: potato!
potato 2: po-tah-to
Potato 1: potato!
potato 2: Po-tah-to
Jeff the potato: Potateh
potato 1: Shut up jeff

2. Apple general: We’re being downed! this food fight isnt going to end anytime soon soldiers!

pea hippy: well have you thought about giving peas a chance?

Apple general: huh. I cant say that i did. Peas get out there and FIGHT!

(charge music plays) Peas charge. [giant explosion

Apple general: way to go hippy

Thats it for now more Ao and daneboe jokes from random cuts 1 & 2 coming soon!

Stop Complaining!

i am tired of everyone complaining! Please stop it is very, very, very, very annoying! It is up to me and grant to decide how much staff there is.

Grants Note: I am getting rid of two staff you can choose i dont care you can vote yourself or anoter person it is your decision.

Back to Stephan: So Moochael and Stooky Lukey please stop complaining about the staff

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! To celebrate this holiday, I am going to…

…eat turkey. 🙂 But seriously, here’s the scoop: Yesterday, Tom posted instrux for a Nien Nunb head on origamiyoda.com. I folded it, and also made a body for it. As you can see, the black parts are gluetaped on, but the rest of the body is origami. The head is too.



The left sleeve has an interesting design. Nien Nunb says hi!



And finally, Jabba the Pilgrim celebrates his favorite holiday, by eating turkey(of course!):