Any one want to go on cobra craft or

I was wondering if any one who plays minecraft wants to go on a server with me (please please email me at and tell me your username and your skin mine is grant387532 and it is a guy wearing seventh doctor style clothers with a hat with a black band, a brown suit, and patterned pants.

Fanon Book

I am considering writing a origami Yoda EU book to submit to JC. If any of you want to give me some character descriptions or ideas than tell me in the comments. You CAN make a profile about yourself but, most likely you won’t get in I will make a post later with more details like what it is about the cover star and more. And please don’t say “I thought you were to good for the series.” Or anything along those lines. Please comment if you leave a like. And one more thing a minor spoiler… John Jackson is back! He is a fanon character I made up I added him to the wiki but the creator deleted him.

~SF Grant

From the Wiki

Let go dismissal update 1.3.9 and 1.4.0_5

My staff is been slow and PLEASE don’t say well it is your site so you post! If you say anything remotely like that including well it’s true, or you can’t do that! And I will have to dismiss at least two staff members 😥 Also don’t say “why” tell me if you don’t want to be staff or tell me someone who breaks the site rules that is staff. And just because you just became staff or are a ultrafolder you still can be dismissed and several people (pretty much just Mike and moochael) have told me there is to much staff. I don’t really want to but I must do it for the better.

and the winner of the contest is…..

Stephan! No I did not choose him to choose him he was the only one who entered!


New Contest!

Attention! there is a new contest! the winner will be increased inn rank (an less your ultrafolder in which case i will think of something) this contest is Doctor Who Origami and paper papercraft. Email me at or if you are staff post, but i prefer email. It can be anything doctor who!

~SF Grant

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