I have come up with a new contest for minecraft and doctor who if you are staff post it if not email me it ( staff I appreciate you emailing me) so what you do is next week on Friday the origam is due and me and Grant will chose the winners winner gets a prize and adminship (probably editor) and it CAN be drawn, kirigami or origami or made of other materiels HOW EVER there are several ways to be dq ed like plagiarism or lying so hope you have a good day


sf Stephan

This site is in (hopefully) Temporal ruins!

Moochael please

Come back this site is in ruins because you never post cj doesn’t stooky lukey doesn’t now on does but it started with you creating your own site Stephan’s mad because he doesn’t have any comments to moderate or block spam and I am VERY busy So I am begging you on my knees! Please make posts like you used to do please!  Otherwise my site will fall apart like several other stooky sf sites




Sf grant

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I am back! i am Back! Yes Me SF Grant From The Wiki is back and better than ever! this is   better than my last REGENERATION i feel more into it. I also find 2 whole diamond vains in minecraft! BAM I feel the energy flowing through me I am THE man the man who founded the modern origami Yoda wiki! I will post more and instead of 0.2.0 (that already happend) it IS (0.3.5)!!!!!!!!!!!



SF Grant

From the wiki