UltraFolders and Ranks

here are ranks coming soon  out now!


*common folder

*captain folder

*major folder

Colonel Folders


*SF UmHiGuy


*SF Hansel



Master Folders


*Chippy Slusher


*Jedi Trevor


Here are the ultrafolders!

*Evil Jawa

*SF John (on this site)


 Here are the Great Grand ultra folders!  (All of these are still ultrafolders)



*Sf Stephan

*SF Grant from the wiki



46 thoughts on “UltraFolders and Ranks

  1. Guys, I see some comments that are not approve yet… And they are ALL asking to be on the ultra folders. i am not approving them… DO NOT ASK TO BE ON THIS LIST!!!! GRANT HAS TO ADD YOU PERSONALLY

    • Why? You would not post and you created your own site which (wether you meant or not) ruined and knocked out a pole in my site (unstablized and collapsed) and you are competing with me in a way. So I just really can’t hire you back and no I don’t want to trade you being on my site and vice versa and I know you would never delete your site. And you ignore(ed) Stephan’s authority, and you just don’t really like my ideas or plans so… I just can’t. Sorry if I hurt your feelings.

      • A.I have no problems with your ideas
        B. How did I ignored Stephan’s authority? If you mean the past, that is all over.
        C. I can post… It just won’t be so much, because I am busy ya know, and Im not posting ALOT on my site anyway…

      • Why do you? You did ignore Stephan’s authority, you did openly insult my ideas, you made that post, your website is competition, no one goes on my site because of you, the only way I would even consider letting you back on is deleting your site or freezing it and you are competing because it was everyone on my site than you made your own and no one went on mine and it collapsed look no one comments or the only thing is STOOKY Lukey liking posts. So you making your own site in my and Stephan’s opinion was the worst thing you could do just because I left him in charge and you did not like the way he ran things while I was gone you created your own site! I am sure you know this is true, oh and the thing with Darth shredder this is my site not yours I let him back because Stephan said it might make people come on more, so I did , than you made your own site! I just can not believe you there is a reason Stephan is an admin (aside from being friends) he is loyal and did not collapse my site and make his own or be rebellious towards the site, or start an anarchist group in my site. So I don’t know why you are asking. No offense ment

      • That was completely offensive
        and the only reason that you don’t get as many views anymore is because when you were gone, Stephan did little, I did everything in the site, posted origami, entertained, etc. Moron! When I created my site people came to view mine because you weren’t there for your site, you have to be there frequently, if you were on more, you could post, and make people hope to see your posts. me leaving was just me trying to have fun with myself, and having complete control of my posts. Your site would have more views, if you just payed attention in the past

        I have said this before but the time i noticed I was no longer staff on this was when I was going on my avatar to sites, because I was gonna post some ORIGAMI ON THIS SITE, and run my site, and be the crafter on this site, but of course something had to happen and ruin it.
        When did I ignore stephan, most of the time he wasn’t even here on the site but to yell at me
        I would never openly insult ANYONE LIKE THAT!!!!!

        Im sorry that your site isn’t as strong as it used to be, but you know why it is, if you just worked harder in the past you could have solved this, I’m sorry.
        Good day to you sir

      • I will not tolerate you acting this way. I will let Stephan give you the punishment anything he wants to do with you is fine and you law think I am as hard as a rock but Stephan is hader than a diamond and is Un-breakable when people interrogate him. I am going to face time him now. And really who would “hack” your account. Give me solid proof

      • I don’t know who would “hack” my account, it could have been anyone, my bro taking my iPad, even an author! I believe you can choose what author writes a post, I swear I didn’t do it,
        I was parking my bag for a field trip that night when this was being posted, yes a field trip on a Saturday, to Hershey park

      • This argument gets so much freakin funnier every time one of you says something to the other. 😆 Perhaps I’ve found something new to watch for fun. Moochael, say something! 😀

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