Site Helpers/Staff

SF Grant from the wiki:  site owner, main administrator, Site Adminementor (not a spelling error), bureaucrat

SF Stephan: webmaster (original), adminastrator.

UltraFolder Productions Staff

Board members

Grant: President, Founder, Chairmen of board- Everything

Stephan: Vice president, Social relations director, Historian- Bass, Bb, C, Piccolo, Eb trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, viola, euphonium

Mike: Advisor, Secretary, Social Chairperson- French Horn, C trumpet, mellophone, Classical Guitar






















76 thoughts on “Site Helpers/Staff

    • I am good too :P!!!! I checked ur blog out… its good Recommendation: Try to shade better, and not use as much crayon. BTW your cad bane is really good :)!Ik i use crayon, but only for skin :P… If you are going to be one here are some tips:
      Doodle Gami Tips
      1. Roughly sketch in pencil
      2. Outline in pen/sharpie, OUTLINE THE TOP STUFF FIRST!!! (as like the bandolier, belt, etc.)
      3. take a look at the faces real good before coloring, and try to add tattoos and such 😛
      4. color in nicely.

      Origami tips
      1. find out the base you are using! (link for nice bases 🙂 :
      2. have a picture of the person/thing you have in front of you while doing it!!!!
      make it as realistic as possible. Some people think some things are impossible with arms and such… good bases for things that stick out are the frog, table, and water bomb base.
      3. Try to limit the doodles! It will make your origami REALLLLLLY good when there are less doodles.
      4. Have fun and stay original 😀
      These are my tips to help you/ random ppl who read this… I am currently working on a bo’marr monk! Dang it is gonna be hard o.o… but I am determined!!!!!! I hope this helps 😀

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