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Today is THANKSGIVING!!! 2014!!!!!!! I hope you have a great thanksgiving but this… means… A POLL!!! What is your favorite dish? now some of these you might not think are thanksgiving foods but i have been to some thanksgiving partys at friends houses and condos/apartments and they had some of these. I personally love cranberries by them selves maybe with ground sugar but as simple as that. I also love Mashed Potatoes! Stephan Likes Ham and Mashed Potatoes and Mike likes Fish and WHITE potato casserole. And John (UltraFolder Productions) likes Apple Pie and Butternut Squash. I don’t have Apple cider on the poll because EVERYONE HAS TO LIKE APPLE CIDER!!!! 😛 JK I love it everyone at UltraFolder Productions love it so its not in the poll. I have a thanksgiving Band concert with Stephan He is Playing Bass trumpet  (With rotary valves) and I’m playing… Tenor saxophone for the first half and SOPRANO saxophone the second half. I forgot to tell you I double on soprano saxophone every month or two or three. I can play EVERY saxophone but my main is Tenor and my first secondary is Soprano. I have also played Alto, Baritone and Bass (school instruments i dont have THAT many instruments lol i wish i did).This is a soprano saxophone

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 8.48.18 AM



Once again have a happy Thanksgiving! Leave a comment for any questions or to tell me your favorite especially if its not up there.




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