Mini series origami Yoda!

I am thinking about making a series for origami Yoda! have a program to do it to audition email me a video at you might be thinking what about JC’s series no one wants this one well I will try to get JC’s support for it it could be the fortune wookie series or a custom series any one can audition please re blog this to spread the news around. There will be characters that are in the series that are not in the book I will give you a short. Bio on those characters.








Harvey reserved

JC reserved 

John : Has a 3d Yoda likes to to show up Harvey

Arnold: Brainiac has a jar jar puppet

James Survo Jr.

Hope you apply in your application tell me who you are applying for and send a video of your acting to my email I will tell you if you got in later

over and out!



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please comment if you see something you like!

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