Answer to a very old question

A very old question was asked to me and Stephan. “Why don’t you read the origami yoda books anymore?” Well it’s because the series is rated (according to lexile, meta metrics, scholastic, etc.) at a fourth grade level and fortune wookie is at a third grade level. The series lexile (you might know as SRI not every states takes lexile measures, if you have any questions like if your state takes it post a comment below)ranges from 680-760 and 700-799 is fourth grade level

3rd 550-699

fifth 800-899

sixth 900-975

Seventh 976-1050

Eighth 1050-1099

Ninth 1100-1149

Tenth 1150-1199

Eleventh 1200-1240

twelfth 1240-1269

Thirteenth-college grad (freshman collage) 1270-1550

incase you are wondering Stephan’s is 1296 mine is 1360 no I am not in collage

24 thoughts on “Answer to a very old question

  1. I really don’t know what my lexile is. Apparently in my class, the teacher was giving us 1160 or something like that to read; no one really thought the articles were difficult.
    Maybe I should find out…
    And BTW why did you say “no I am not in collage”? Did someone try to glue you to a piece of paper and call it art?

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