Site update 0.5.6

This updates features are the following

*removal of Moochael as staff

*removal of Moochael as Ultrafolder

*consideration of zod as Administrator

*Stephan’s promotion to bureaucrat

*site ranks added

*added SF mike as staff

*its June!

this is update 0.5.6



6 thoughts on “Site update 0.5.6

  1. OMG I have no clue what happened!!!!!!!!!!
    Im sorry, I barely visit here anymore… but i swear, I DID NOT WRITE THAT!!!
    I was hacked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you probably won’t believe me but i swear I have no clue how that happened…

    All of those people saying what happened, and disappointed in me, hating me… Im sorry, but I have NO CLUE WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!

    I do not remember doing that, I swear on my soul I did not write that post, and Im sorry

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