Minecraft 1.8 Pre Release New doctor outfit and updates

In minecraft 1.8 there will be slime blocks to bounce on, better mob AI, normal and polished Granite, diorite, and andesite, More villager types, enchantments cost lapis lazuli (originally Gold) and cost less, locked chests, locked difficulty, better skin changing, villager offers less random, a hand full of new commands, better use of command blocks and much, much, much more!

and the twelfth doctor outfit has been realsed

and after this its no longer sf grant from the wiki and i will think of something to replace it

and darthshreder must forfill the site punishment system im sorry moochael i can’t.

Over and out


6 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.8 Pre Release New doctor outfit and updates

    • ??? Uh…. DarthShredder dosnt need to be punished! ”Not every one speaks wookie, kid.- Han Foldo just like with firk Darthshredder made a few mistakes but then we didnt forgive him we just overreacted and made it worse! Just like with firk. THATS WHY HE LEFT. he was to upset about all the ”Evil Firk” thing so he left. We didnt understand firk. and now hes gone, and DS might leave too. cuz of us. If hes punished for no good reason then ITS JUST LIKE THE WHOLE ”Evil Firk” thing all over again! grant i dunno why u made this conflict but i didnt like it.

      Punishing DS for no reason is cyberbulling just like CPH said.
      PS: What post did stephan make about a punishment systym?

      But anyways think about what i just said. – Darthcjdude, Head of TPN Studios, A nice SF, whos proably gonna get banned or blacklisted for what i just said.

    • I don’t know about being banned or blacklisted, but if you’re saying that it was your fault Firk left…
      …then I am staying close to YouTube longer than originally planned. 😡

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