Valentines Day Instrux!

Okay guys, Valentines day is coming up, and I love you guys! So I am deciding to make instrux for you!!!! If you havent seen the post below, to all Sfs make sure you do. Okay, so you guys can vote for what you want, I will include the most asked instrux in the poll, but for other you must put your choice in comments…

PS: I know the polldaddy is a weird thing, but I thought since valentines day is coming up, i should make it red, this is the only red one… Kinda weird, because the poll has weapons on it… XD :mrgreen:


6 thoughts on “Valentines Day Instrux!

  1. Moochael we should make our own new leage! The crease titans was cool but now its all messed up and weird like SW characters in the crease titans… Lets make a doctor who group!!! I will be the tenth doctor as the leader and you can be whoeve you want as co leader!!!

please comment if you see something you like!

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