To: All Sf’s

Okay, grant. I am really mad. I want this site, and origamiyoda back to what it was. Everyone is welcome. I want you to un blacklist darthshreder. I will do anything to let him back in. I’m sorry grant, but I can’t trust you as much anymore. i am friends with darthshreder, and I want him back. I know Stephan doesn’t like me, and will be mad if he sees this… But I want darthshreder back. I will do anything to. Origamiyoda blogd have turned into battle grounds especially this conflict. Please un blacklist him… If Stephan gets mad, and un authors me or black lists me, i will be mad, but will move on. Stephan and grant, you are both my friends, but I don’t like how this site is working. If you want me to be off staff, it’s your choice, but I won’t stop until he is unblacklisted. Thank you


~Moochael, a friend, a companion, and a helper


8 thoughts on “To: All Sf’s

  1. The whole OY webiverse is full of conflicts.
    Deal with it.
    this is too trivial to matter.
    There’s a reason why I never follow blogs or anything like that…

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