Instrux for Realz dis Time!!!!

The instrux will be up tomorrow, probably, because there is a high chance of no school tomorrow due to snow!!!


15 thoughts on “Instrux for Realz dis Time!!!!

    • There is a CHANCE of no school… Not 100% sure… also 2 things:

      1. Instrux will be up soon! Just gotta do some extra shtaff
      2. Do you think i am quality for being a monitor on the talk zone?

    • also zod… Here is the typed up intrux for you to make… The vid WILL be up soon… Sorry for the delay…
      its actually easier than you think!

      1. water bomb base
      2. squash fold each corner, line up with center crease, make it a square.
      3.each of the 4 squashes should be like a preliminary baseish, fold a mini bird base on each one.
      4. fold each bird base in 1/2
      5. reinforce center creases.
      6. there should be 2 flaps on the inside, bring those out, it takes some fiddling… each side of the flap being pulled out should have a pleat like thing on the side, repeat on each one.
      7. step 5 WAS important, use the reinforced creases to pull up until the side pleat things for the eye shape touch, DO NOT RELEASE UNTIL YOU READ STEP 8!
      8. fold each tab left and right, and squash them, Smoosh the origami on a table so everything is flat and straight.
      9. take the bird bases folded in 1/2 from before (they should be on the side to make the eye shape) and wring(wrap, twirl, etc.) them around eachother… be sure to not rip!
      10. Use tabs to blink eye

  1. also DONT BE CONCERNED IF YOURS LOOK DIFFERENT FROM MINE!!! that pic of the one I showed you was a VERY rough version, that isn’t really good… I have MUCH better versions made.

  2. I gave up on the video instrux, because the camera view is weird, and my mom STILL hasn’t given me permission to make a youtube channel… I will be posting animated instrux soon!

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