Why did My staff fire Stephan

Why are you all mad at stephan and you kicked him out of the SRM Why and who did that!


7 thoughts on “Why did My staff fire Stephan

  1. Mostly, he was trying to get us out of the SRM for no particular reason. He just didn’t want us there. I guess he just wanted the site for his own.
    I didn’t want to get him off; I wanted to ask him why he de-admined us. Moochael took care of de-staffing him, but I just wanted answers.
    I don’t think Stephan wants a government anymore(he hasn’t edited any pages in a while), only 2 less people. (Hint: me and Moochael)
    As for having nothing to do with the SRM, Stephan is as good as anyone else. Anyone who doesn’t want the SuperFolder Stookiness page to be boring is a supporter. And since Stephan helps run this site, he knows that a site is a better place for alliances. He can show others that as well.
    To be honest, I think the SRM site needs only 1 admin to run it. It will be easier, at least.

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