It has come to me that ever sines grant left people have well let’s say been trashing me. As a few of you may no me and Grant have no interest in making those puppets, this site is for others. But puting it in the staffs trust was a mistake. So I am getting rid of 1 staff member I already got rid of 1. It is very rude to insult the head of this site. You don’t have to like me but being public about it is unexeptable and will result in either

* means time served varies

1. Comment moderation


3. Blacklisting*

4.  Marked spam forever


so be very carful what you say on this site and on others and vote who you think should be removed.

20 thoughts on “Update

    • They are creepy and evil. Case closed.
      And SkyDoesMinecraft hates squid, so why can’t I hate Mooshrooms?
      I shall kill every evil red cow I see in Minecraft…

      • I didn’t say I liked SkyDoesMinecraft, just that he made it to the top because of budder…
        …or something. I don’t really care. I’m planning to build a house on top of a cliff, with a Batcave, underground defenses, and a bunker underneath. It will have weapons of every kind, including TNT cannons mounted on the roof.
        And the whole point is to defend against griefers.

    • There’s a guy who thinks that chickens are spies. I don’t really disagree with him…
      Think about that.
      P.S. My second favorite mob is the horse.

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