Stop Complaining!

i am tired of everyone complaining! Please stop it is very, very, very, very annoying! It is up to me and grant to decide how much staff there is.

Grants Note: I am getting rid of two staff you can choose i dont care you can vote yourself or anoter person it is your decision.

Back to Stephan: So Moochael and Stooky Lukey please stop complaining about the staff

9 thoughts on “Stop Complaining!

    • Uuuuggghhhhh…
      I think it will be OK if everyone else besides Grant and Stephan is an author. It will be balanced that way.

      • I know, but it is sorta disorganized. Like zod, you are a site helper, yet you are an author… What is the point in that? A site helper basically helps the webmaster, and balances the harveyness in such… lol an author can’t delete posts so that is sorta weird. And I think that a sw folder is not a good rank, I think a site crafter is, so lukey could be my partner, i just think the ranks need to be sorted… As for SFHansel, I don’t get how he became one :/

      • Yeah, why not just tell the truth and list Grant and Stephan as admins and everyone else as authors? And if they’re not, make them authors. That’s all we really need…

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