Happy thankgiving!



7 thoughts on “Happy thankgiving!

    • Not to be mean but PLEASE!!!! Grant, either take zod/luke out, or replace their positions. There is NO POINT in a SW folder. He should just be another site crafter. And for zod, sorry but site helper is not good. Most of these people are added because you like them, I like them too :D, but instead of admin-ing them, add them to a hall of fame. This would make it better, because we don’t need this much staff

      • Also, be careful. Because Sfhansel just asked and you gave it to him, not to be mean but can we be more careful? Cuz I am the only staff besides stephan who didn’t ask to be staff. I was chosen. So can you please be more careful grant?

      • we just need 1 taken out, I think 4-5 staff is good. But stookylukey needs to become a site crafter

        NOTE FOR STOOKYLUKEY: I know that this is sorta ironic because i don’t have my own blog, but here is a tip. I know you want to post your origami on this site. But try to even it out. Because if you post everything you have on this site, on your own. People will know what you have and not come. I know, It is hard work. I am a site crafter on origami everything, I don’t post there as much… but I usually just submit 1 or 2 things that have been on here. just try to balance it out. THIS IS NOT TO BE MEAN! this is sorta like the time I gave you tips on folding/doodling 😀

      • I’m not an admin, I’m an author. Anyway, I plan not to put updates, random chat posts, and other stuff here. I think this should be an only-origami site, for several SFs to put origami. I’ll put my Thanksgiving special up in 10 minutes, OK?

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