I am taking a break on this website you mite see me here and there but i am leaving SF Stephan (Admin so dont disrespect him or he might blacklist or fire you) in charge of this site intill further notice he will also take my spot on the srm but i should be there

5 thoughts on “Attention!

  1. K bye :(, where are you going??? Ur gonna miss my thanksgiving origami special (its really simple, but I still think you should see it)!!!!!! Also (once i color it) I will have and TOTAL PUD-DING CUPS (new word for stooky) A-WING COMING UP!!! Your gonna miss so much :(… Sorry That you are going, but please tell me why you are taking a break…

  2. You know that a wing i was gonna make? Well it turned out more like a more complicated version of a jedi star fighter!!!! It is total pudding cups. I just need to color it :D!!! I also made my own x wing. I tried to do one that was on youtube, but the dude’s hands were too big, and I couldn’t see the paper -.-, also his camera blurred a lot. So I made my own version!!! You should be expecting awesome origami soon

please comment if you see something you like!

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