Origami Yoda Has really Done it!!! (YOU MUST READ)

Okay guys, here is my question:

Has origami yoda Actually helped you before? I know what you are thinking, “What the Fett? Origami yoda isn’t real!!!” Well, The first origami yoda book, helped me in real life, here is the story:(This was a long time ago, but I am sharing it now) I was the only one in the bathroom at this time. So I was going to the bathroom at the end of school before the buses moved, and I was using the urinal… I was peeing, then my pants slipped, and pee got in my pants, by accident of course!!! It wasn’t like a whole bunch, just a little. I knew I was in trouble When this happened… Then I remembered(This was around Darth Paper/Fortune Wookiee Book time): Origami yoda’s advice!!!!!!! I remembered kellen had a similar problem, and I was so Happy I read that book!!! So after that happened… I got my body ALL wet, EVERYWHERE!! People asked me what happened, some said I peed myself, but I was all, “dude, this is everywhere, I didn’t pee…” And I was saved!!! I was so happy when I did this!!!! That is how origami yoda helped me… have you guys ever been saved by origami yoda?


PS: More origami coming soon, just gotta get the prototype done…


2 thoughts on “Origami Yoda Has really Done it!!! (YOU MUST READ)

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