Epic face

An origami epic face!!! It is mostly my own design, with a tiny bit of help from Jeremy shafer


4 thoughts on “Epic face

  1. The only 1 thing I am confused about (NOT TO BE A HARVEY) if Stookylukey is the SW folder, why is he doing this stuff? Technically this is a “site crafter” origami thing, not a SW folder.

    PS: I think the role of SW folder is dumb… just make him a 2nd site crafter if you want…

    • PPS: The reason why I don’t like so much staff is this:

      (please don’t be sad by this guys… I just want grant to know this, don’t be discouraged!!!)
      Lots of the people who are admins/authors, already have a blog, and I don’t. I enjoy this because I don’t have one yet (i probably won’t make one, cuz it would be hard to manage all of them). Also, People are just asking, and you just give it to them grant… I think I was the only guy (besides stephan) who didn’t ask… Im just stating my opinion… Also, I think zod’s role is good, but it is a “type” of webmaster, and he posted origami (NOT TO HURT FEELINGS!!! I ENJOY LOOKING AT ALL OF YOUR’S ORIGAMI, STOOKYLUKEY AND ZOD ). You need to be a little more pushy with this… I think the amount of staff should be 5 or 4, at the max… This is not to hurt feelings, but I just want to concern you with more reasoning

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