Introducing… SuperFolder Zod!

I am SuperFolder Zod, as you can see. I am the newest author to

So, I decided to post one of my origami creations. Here it is:guard

It’s an origami Gammorrean guard. I’m still working on making video instructions…

8 thoughts on “Introducing… SuperFolder Zod!

  1. STOOKY!!! But grant… I am starting to get concerned… almost EVERYBODY who comes to this blog, is NOW an author/admin. YOu can’t just randomly admin people… I know you have a good reason, they want to post origami, but that is technically my job… People are asking, and I do not feel like this is as much fun, because more people are joining, and asking for author. I think there should only be about 2 site crafters, but now everybody is going to be author sooner or later. You need to think more about this…

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