A Pardon to CPH

CPH is pardoned its darth shredder and he blackmailed CPH so he is the traitor here it was not CPH or trevor it was Darth Shredder he is a traitor


10 thoughts on “A Pardon to CPH

  1. You guys do not get it see I made a typo I did not force CPH. Trevor and me and him wanted you off and if you do not belive me, ask CPH himself. Look you are making much to big a deal about this. And do not keep on saying that I blackmailed him when you do not even know. Again, if you don’t belive me ask CPH

    • Wow just wow please stop being mean to grant and what happend between you two? If you don’t I’ll ask grant and if he refuses Then I will bring matters in my own hands by blacklisting every suspect (I am an admin)

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