I must say I am sad to say CPH betrayed me and kicked me off origami everything so he is now off this site I hate to do this but justice must be made so moochael is officially the only other folder on this site I want to trust trevor but I just can’t and I am making wbfirk an admin and possibly SF JC

So on this site I can’t trust anyone anymore on origami everything and I am very disappointed. ;( 😦 😦 😦


21 thoughts on “

  1. If you can’t trust anyone, why are you admiring Hansel and Firk? You can trust me, I can be admin :(… Everyone on ur site you author/admin, I think you need to hold back a little. There should only be about 1 or 2 authors and maybe 3 admins. And why aren’t I admin? Do you not trust me :(?

      • Yeah, CPH is cool, but can overreact, like him with firk. Im not sure if he was spreading rumors, or making them about him hacking… but don’t get mad at him!!! He still is a cool guy!! So is trevor!!! just don’t get mad. I see why you trust firk, but not hansel :/…

      • YOU ARE ALL MEANIES! CPH DID NOT OVERREACT FIRK OVERREACTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IT WAS ME WHO TOLD HIM TO KICK YOU OFF NOT BECAUSE YOU WERE BAD BECAUSE YOU ACTED LIKE YOU OWNED THE SITE! And I FORCED HIM NOT TREVOR ME! Look i am sorry but CPH did not betray you just do not be mad at him and I do not want to start a huge war or whatever I just want to make up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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