What were you for halloween?

What were you for Halloween I was a Jedi. In the comments please put what you were for Halloween.

P.S. I need a new spot on my blog a SW folder

P.P.S. Soon I will put Dr. who origami on this site. Also put your favorite doctor in the comments. Mine is the 10th.


35 thoughts on “What were you for halloween?

  1. I am interested in being your new sw folder. I love starwars origami and im pretty good at it. Please check out my blog stookyorigami for proof. I follow you and like Your blog. Please consider me, thanks, Stookylukey. PS i was jase from duck dynasty. (Last minute costume)

  2. I’ll be the SW folder! (SW means star wars right?) I was a chinese dude! I made an origamiyoda costume for the contest tom did, but I forgot about it :P… Like on halloween night i was like “OH NO I DONT HAVE A COSTUME!!!!!!!” lol…

      • well… I don’t think there should be a SW crafter… because that is basically me…

      • I don’t think it is good to have this much staff grant…. Like, almost everyone who browses this blog (with gravatar and wordpress) are an author/admin! Just a suggestion, you know, cuz it isn’t that fun with lots of people being admins

      • True… You don’t have that many views… but still good! BTW ur boba fold is good :D! I have a super stooky plo koon which will go up soon. Check it out 😀
        lol u have emoji :P…

      • no clue :P… if ur talking about this one… i don’t think it is by fumiaki kawahata… I saw it on the internet… I chose it… But I do know that it is in a book… this is the only thing I have of it… I might get the book soon 🙂

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